iImplant is a free tool available for your iOS device designed to assist health care professionals in determining the appropriateness for implantable cardioverter-defibrillators (ICD) and cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) implantation based upon the latest 2013 appropriate use criteria guidelines.

These latest criteria address 235 individual indications for ICD and CRT implantation. iImplant takes each of these indications and reformats them for quick and easy access on your device. By answering a few key questions about your patient, the app will give you a final rating of “Appropriate”, “May be Appropriate”, or “Rarely Appropriate”.

iImplant is an unofficial supplement to the appropriate use criteria and is not intended as their replacement. Please familiarize yourself with the latest criteria before using this app.

iImplant is divided into three sections:
1. ICD – AUC for implantation of ICDs
2. CRT – AUC for implantation of CRT
3. Appendix – The appendix contains many valuable tools including:

  • Full reformatting of the 2008 and 2012 device guidelines as well as links to the original documents
  • A curated list of cardiac device recalls and recall information issued by the FDA
  • Summaries of the major ICD trials
  • Summaries of the major CRT trials
  • Algorithms to help in selecting pacemaker modes and systems
  • Algorithm for the management of device and lead infections
  • And more…

iImplant was written and designed by Weston Hickey, MD, a cardiology fellow at the University of Oklahoma Health Science Center in collaboration with Marcus Smith, MD, Dwight Reynolds, MD, and Mazen Abu-Fadel, MD.

The authors have no conflicts of interest or disclosures.